About The Dexterity Collection

by Bishop T.D. Jakes

The renowned Bishop T.D. Jakes has teamed up with celebrated menswear designer Daniel Mofor to provide fashion-forward individuals with a bespoke, yet sleek, new label: The Dexterity Collection. Drawing upon their decades of experience in the industry, both Bishop Jakes and Daniel Mofor have created something truly unique and fashionable for men everywhere. With looks from cutting-edge casual to debonair evening attire all crafted from luxuriously fine materials, this is one collection you don’t want to miss out on. Be daring, be stylish – with The Dexterity Collection, there are no limits when it comes to classic style with an edge.

As the Lead Designer for Don Morphy, Daniel was the perfect partner with which Bishop T.D. Jakes could create the Dexterity Collection. His lifelong experience as a designer and tailor quickly blossomed into an unmatched skill set, enabling him to craft high-end apparel designs precisely tailored to the vision of Bishop Jake’s signature style.

Utilizing only the finest fabric mills, Daniel helped to design garments of timeless elegance and modern spirit that specifically embodied the intricate nuances of Bishop Jakes’ personal style and vision for The Dexterity Collection.